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About Me

Hi! I am Juli Sheller, the creator of I work as an app developer in IBM company, so I feel really passionate about inventing tools that make people’s lives better. When I have free time, I experiment with web design and create applications of my own interest. Every time I try to think about instruments I would use myself. And right now you are looking at one of them – PaperTyper. Writing is not easy and most people have troubles with this task. That is why I became interested in different tools that boost and improve this skill. 

Frankly speaking, the idea of PaperTyper is connected with my own college years. I used to be the worst writer in class. As a student, I struggled with psychological blocks and had a real blank page fear. It was so hard for me to start an essay! The first paragraph was absolute hell, and getting through this challenge was unbearable every time I sat at my desk.

Today, my job is hardly connected with writing, but I still remember how it feels! I know that all learners get stuck when they need to compose an assignment, so I decided to make the world a bit better and your college life – a bit easier. To do so, I created this free website, where all students can type a paper sample and get through their blocks easier.

If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns about this typing tool, make sure to contact me or visit my Facebook Page. I am open to your suggestions! Happy writing!