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Cookies Policy

PaperTyper.net is referred to as Website, Site, Company, We, Us, and Our in this document. Our visitors that use the features and services provided at PaperTyper.net are referred to as You. From this document, you fill out how and why we use Cookies.

Cookies description

Cookies are small files that are sent to your personal computer or mobile device when you access the Website. They store information about your previous actions, preferences, and login data. These files are transferred to your computer or mobile device from our service automatically to improve your experience.

The information stored in Cookies doesn’t describe you as a person and excludes any individual data. These files allow us to see your preferences and choices you make when using this Website.

You can disable Cookies in your Internet browser manually. However, please be aware that these files allow the Website work properly. Without Cookies, some functions and features might become unavailable or partly-available.

What types of Cookies we use?

We used so-called Session Cookies to collect temporary information about your interactions with the Website. They are deleted from your computer when you close the Website. 

What are the purposes of Cookies we use?

  • Customer service

Cookies help us to provide you with online messaging and chat with Customer Support.

  • Sign in data

Cookies help you stay signed in.

  • Your activity

With the help of Google Analytics and other similar tools, we track your activity and adjust our services to make them more customized.

  • Google services

We use Cookies that are related to Google services to gather information about Your actions and behavior. This relates to Google services like Maps or Gmail.

  • Session cookies

These files allow us to support your sessions on the Website. They disappear from your device when you close the Website. 

  • Specific content

We use Cookies that allow us to identify your location, type of Internet equipment, and other specific information. With their help, you receive device- and country-specific content.

  • Facebook and Twitter Cookies

We also use Cookies that allow you to share and comment Website’s content through social media. They are combined with Twitter and Facebook plugins.

  • Targeted advertisement

Cookies are also used to display relevant promotional content that fits your previous choices. This makes your experience more individualized.

  • Smooth experience

Due to the Cookies, our Website “remembers” your preferences and actions. For example, you won’t receive the same pop-up message twice if you have already seen it.

Managing Cookies

You have a right to disable Cookies exchange or delete them from your computer. However, we cannot guarantee that our Website as well as its features will operate correctly after you disable Cookies. Some functions can disappear.

We need Cookies to improve our services, analyze your actions, and build better marketing strategies. Google Analytics allow us to collect and store information about the way you interact with our Site. The tool gathers data and sends the details to Google. Using statistical data retrieved this way, we adjust our services, add new features, and provide you with better and more individualized options.

Additional information

  • If you want to know how Google Analytics works, follow this link: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout
  • To learn more about Cookies and the way they help marketers, read this: www.allaboutcookies.org.

Please be aware that Cookies information doesn’t identify you as a person. These are technical details that help us find out more about your behavior online, preferences, location, etc. Cookies don’t include your name, address, contact information, age, or any other data that can be defined as confidential.