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Privacy Policy

PaperTyper.net (“We” or “Company” in the following text) do everything to protect your privacy. This document describes how exactly we keep your information safe when you access content, features, services, and instruments available at PaperTyper.net (“Website” or “Site” in the following text).

On this page, you will find detailed information about the ways we collect, use, and protect your data when you enter the Website and its features.

These conditions are applied to the data we collect:

  • When you use our services and features
  • When you access the Website
  • When you get any electronic messages (emails and chat messages) from us
  • When you interact with the Website through mobile devices

These conditions are not applied to the data collected by:

  • Offline usage of the Website
  • Other websites owned by the Company or third parties
  • Any third parties including advertisement that may be accessible from the Website

You should read and understand this Privacy Policy to be fully aware of how we use your information. Please make sure to do that before you start using the Website. In case you don’t agree with the ways we treat your data, avoid using the Website. When you do access the services provided on the Website, we assume that you agree with the conditions described in this document.

Please be aware that we have the right to adjust and change this document without informing you personally. Make sure to check this Policy to be aware of these changes.

Types of data we collect and ways we do that

There are several types of data we collect from you, including:

  • Your personal information

This includes your name, address, email, phone number, or any other details that refer to you as a person.

  • Non-personal information

This includes your occupation, general location, and other data that doesn’t refer to you as a person.

  • Technical information

This includes information about the type of device, Internet connection, and other equipment you use to reach the Website.

We collect this information in the following ways:

  • The personal data is collected when you provide it to us (account registration, feedbacks, and comments you leave on the Website)
  • Technical data is collected automatically when you surf the Website (cookies, web beacons, IP address, etc.)
  • We also collect statistical data from links, our partners, and other third parties

Data provided by you

  • You provide personal information when completing any forms on our Website, such as registration, subscriptions, service requests, and public posts you make.
  • We may ask for your personal information when you contact us to report about a problem with the Website.
  • We record your email address if you send messages to us.
  • We collect and use information you leave when responding to surveys.
  • We collect your search requests on the Website.
  • When you upload your personal files, we have the right to view them.

Data collected automatically

Automatic data collection technologies can track and store details about your actions, behavior, and Internet equipment. This includes:

  • Your location and devices you use to access the Website
  • Traffic data and logs
  • Data about your computer, like OS, browser, and IP address

We also use technologies for behavioral tracking that present data about your actions on these and linked services. These technologies indicate your actions on different resources and send signals to us. We use them to analyze users’ behavior and provide you with relevant offers and ads. You can switch off the tracking system in your browser manually.

The data collected automatically is statistical. We use it to learn more about your needs and make our service more personalized and convenient:

  • We strive to attract more customers and learn more about their behavior for marketing purposes
  • We collect data about your needs and preferences to customize the Website for you personally
  • We make your search process faster
  • The Website remembers and recognizes you when you come back

Types of data collected automatically

  • Web beacons

Web beacons are electronic files (pixel tags or gifs) stored in the emails we send to you. They allow our Company to track users who visited particular pages of our Site or opened the messages we send. The information is used for statistical analysis.

  • Cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer when you access the Website. They allow all features and tools of the Website to work properly. You can disable cookies in your browser, but be aware that this might make some tools and sections of the Website unavailable or partly-available.

Other tracking tools and third-party technologies  

There are advertisements and applications on the Website that belong to third parties. This includes advertisement networks, content providers, and app providers. Third parties can use tracking technologies, including cookies and/or beacons, to track your behavior on the Website. They may collect your personal or non-personal data when you surf different resources around the web. These third parties may use your information to display relevant and targeted advertisements.

Our Company is not responsible for the actions of the third parties as well as the technologies they use to collect your personal and technical data. In case you have problems with the advertisement provided by the third parties, you should contact them directly.

How do we use the collected data?

Both personal and non-personal data collected from you or provided by you is used to:

  • Improve our marketing strategies
  • Carryout customers' statistics and analysis
  • Provide our services to you
  • Make our services more customized and personalized to fit your needs better
  • Communicate with you
  • Create new products and improve services considering your preferences
  • Create and use mailing lists
  • Authorize users and process their data
  • Maintain systems and provide features
  • Provide additional services delivered by our partners
  • Provide you with information about services and offers that may interest you through the subscription function (if you don’t want to receive the emails with advertisements and special offers, you may deactivate the subscription)

We don’t disclose your information to our partners or any third parties without your permission. However, be aware that if you interact with their ads or links, they might get access to your data automatically.

Your data disclosure

We never disclose information described as personal without your permission. However, be aware that we have the right to share your data that doesn’t identify you as an individual without restrictions. 

We may provide your non-personal data to:

  • Our affiliates
  • Our subsidiaries and partners
  • Third parties that help us support and maintain our business activity
  • Buyers or organizations that own our business in case we sell or transfer it
  • Credit and financial companies that collect payment information in case you access paid services of our partners

Aims we may follow when disclosing your information:

  • To do the data analysis for marketing
  • To perform billing and other service agreements
  • To carry out any law or legal process as a response to any regulatory or governmental request
  • If we are assured that data disclosure is necessary to protect the property, rights, and safety of our Company or its users
  • In case there is a fraudulent act or risk of it

How can you control your personal information on the Website?

We have procedures and mechanisms that allow you to control the data you provide to us:

  • Promotions and special offers

You can refuse from emails and messages that contain information about promotions. Click the Unsubscribe button in a received letter if you don't want to get them anymore.

  • Tracking mechanisms

You can change settings in your browser to disable cookies. Please be aware that some features and services of our Website may become unavailable to you in this case.

  • Targeted ads

When third parties use your non-personal data for advertising purposes, we cannot control their actions.

Changing and accessing your data

You have the right to request corrections or elimination of the information you have provided to us before. To do this, send an email to our contact address and explain the issue. Please be aware that there are no other ways for us to delete your data except by terminating your personal account. We won't accept your request in case we believe that any changes in your personal data can violate legal laws.

Information safety

We use protocols and firewalls to store your data on our server safely. These measures keep it safe from accidental loss, disclosure, and usage.

You are another party responsible for the safety and security of your personal data. Don't share your login information with other people. Keep your data confidential, and don't disclose it to anyone. When sharing any information publicly, remember that all Website visitors can view it, so mind the type of data you disclose.

We do everything to prevent your data from being stolen and used unlawfully. However, be aware that Internet transmissions are never 100% secure. Whenever you share your data online, you do that at your risk.

How we process and transfer your data?

Please be aware that we may process and transfer your information to representatives of other states and countries. When you sign up for our services, you agree that your data can be transferred, stored, and processed by residents of other states and countries outside the USA or the country you live in.


, a legal entity, incorporated under the laws of Cyprus and registered at

Users under the age of 13

Children under the age of 13 should not leave any personal information on this Website. We don’t collect data from users that are younger than 13 years old. In case you are younger than 13 years old, avoid creating personal account at the Website, access services, leave public comments, and provide your personal information to us. Do not provide your name, contact information (phone or email), address, user name, or any other data.

In case we find out that a user under the age of 13 used this Website and left his/her personal information without parental consent, we will terminate the account and delete all gathered details. In case you know that a child under 13 uses our Website, make sure to contact us via email.

Adjustments to the Privacy Policy

As we have already warned you, we have the right to change this document without noticing this on the homepage of our Site. This is your responsibility to check this document every time you want to use our services. When you access Website’s features, we assume that you agree with our Privacy Policy as well as the changes made.

If you have any questions or comments regarding any point in this document, make sure to give us a call or write an email. The contact information is located on the Contacts page.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 18, 2023