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Learn about academic writing and ways to do it correctly. Here we educate you about language rules, style directions, types of papers, and ways to write them to make your paper readable.



Discover the correct research process. We help you search for a suitable topic, gather necessary data, analyze and structure it. You will have all steps to make your paper clear.



Learn to cope with the citation process. We share information on how to use sources to avoid any type of plagiarism and list those sources following formatting styles.

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Visual content for learning

Learn more about writing from visual content



Concise data in vivid tables and graphs to make it easier to remember it



Short video-lessons from experts on various writing topics



Slides on essential writing topics to support professors' lectures visually


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Frequently asked questions and answers to them

What is a good knowledge bank?

The knowledge bank is an online library that collects information about the essential knowledge of creating academic works. All data is divided into categories and subcategories. Our well-organized knowledge bank is useful and can save you time when writing papers. You will always have the answers at your fingertips. A good knowledge bank contains only up-to-date essay writing information.

As a rule, a good knowledge bank helps find answers to frequently asked questions. So, there is no need to look through multiply resources. Everything related to paper writing is in one place free of charge. You can learn everything you need about writing essays with us.

What is PaperTyper’s knowledge bank for?

The knowledge bank is a single repository of all knowledge and rules that are needed to write an excellent academic paper. The PaperTyper’s knowledge bank can be used beyond essay writing. Among these writing spheres can be articles, dissertations, college projects, CVs, and other academic papers, you name it. Some users even use this bank for their social media.

You do not need to spend hours searching for needed rules. Now you have quick access to everything you need to know about the writing process and even more. With our knowledge bank, you can even learn how to do research, collect data and use it to your advantage.

What type of data is provided in PaperTyper’s knowledge bank?

The knowledge bank serves as a repository of writing rules, practical guides, tips, videos, graphics, presentations and instructions for writing student papers. It is like an encyclopedia.

The PaperTyper’s knowledge bank includes three main categories and a broad number of subcategories for each of them. These three main categories are Writing, Researching and Citation.

Our knowledge bank is a practical thing. It has a clear structure and revised information for every topic. In addition, you can do a quick search for a needed topic. Or you can easily navigate through articles with related topics.

How to use PaperTyper’s knowledge bank in education?

Often, students who use educational sites to improve their papers ask many questions related to the performance of tasks. “How to write a structured essay?”, “What types of papers are there?”, or “What is an anti-plagiarism system?” This list can be continued endlessly.

Our online knowledge bank helps users understand everything they have missed or have not understood in lectures. It can be a simple rule for academic writing or a complex process of creating a resources list. There are many things to learn with our help.

You just need to choose a needed category and look through all topics to find the one you need for your paper. Who knows, maybe while searching, you will find one more article to read and learn.

Why is PaperTyper’s knowledge bank the best?

PaperTyper's knowledge bank has all the necessary advantages you need.

Among the main advantages of the PaperTyper’s bank are:

  • User-friendly. It is simple to navigate as all information is split into categories.
  • Visual content. In addition to articles, you can learn with videos, infographics and presentations.
  • Free of charge. You do not have to pay for the knowledge bank to obtain information. You can use it at any time you need it.
  • Understandable language. You can easily understand even the most complex notions.
  • 100% correctness. All information offered in the knowledge bank matches standardized essay writing rules.
  • Solid support. You can share this information with your friends to help them.
How can the PaperTyper’s knowledge bank help me?

The knowledge bank will help you understand the system of writing essays and other student papers. It will significantly simplify the work of writing an academic paper.

Everything starts with the simple questions "How to write my essay?" Then you open our website, find the Knowledge bank page and search for the information you need. There you will learn about essential grammar rules, types of essays, ways to avoid plagiarism, types of research and ways to collect and structure the foundation for your future paper. The writing process will stop being so tiring and scary. Most importantly, you will not have to spend many hours on your paper.