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Hi! I am Juli Sheller, the creator of I work as an app developer in a few little-known private companies, but I feel really passionate about inventing tools that make people’s lives better. When I have free time, I experiment with web design and create applications of my own interest. Recently I’ve been fond of creating online tools for students to assist with creative, regular and academic writing. So, the PaperTyper appeared, the one place where all necessary tools for writing are collected.

Frankly speaking, the idea of PaperTyper is connected with my own college years. I used to be the worst writer in class. As a student, I struggled with writer’s block and had a real blank page fear. It was so hard for me to start an essay! The first paragraph was absolute hell, and getting through this challenge was unbearable every time I sat at my desk.

Today, my job is hardly connected with writing, but I still remember how it feels! I know that all learners get stuck when they need to compose an assignment, so I decided to make the world a bit better and college life – a bit easier. To do so, I created this free website, where all students can type a paper sample and get through their writing problems easier.

If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns about these typing tools, make sure to contact me via [email protected] or visit my Facebook Page and Twitter. I am open to your suggestions! Happy writing!