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Humanize AI-Generated Essays: How to Do It and Why Is It Important?

When we speak about AI tools, they are pretty helpful when you need useful and efficient content. However, the quality of such content might be disputable. Readers might lose interest in it immediately as soon as they detect that the essay was written by a bot.

So, let’s consider some tips and tricks to make your AI-generated content closer to what a human could write.

What Stands Behind AI-Generated Content?

Artificial Intelligence or machine learning can generate any type of content for blog posts, social media, emails, academic purposes, etc. based on several words or sentences given as a prompt. It is helpful when you need brainstorming, correct tone, grammar checking, research on the subject, and other things that may take a lot of time and effort. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used to analyze these prompts and create articles, essays, images, audio, or video.

Machine learning algorithms, NLP, computer vision, and other AI techniques can generate content without your direct involvement in the process of its creation. Let’s look at some ways in which AI can cope with different types of tasks.

  1. Generating texts is the most often request for AI. It analyzes huge amounts of data and language patterns for writing articles, stories, poetry, descriptions, chatbot conversations, and so on.
  2. However, the capabilities of AI are not limited to texts. It can create images from scratch or modify the existing ones, too, by using generative adversarial networks (GANs) or other methods of deep learning. You can get artwork, realistic faces, scenery, or whatever you want with the help of it.
  3. AI can also help generate audio content, including speech synthesis (text-to-speech), or compose music in various genres. It can imitate human voices effectively as well or even generate videos by combining and processing existing video footage, audio, and images. You can edit videos, create special effects, or even generate entirely new sequences with the help of it.
  4. AI can also analyze and process huge amounts of datasets for making financial reports, sports statistics, market analysis, or even weather forecasts.

You can use AI for efficient content production and personalization for different audiences. However, you have to be aware of possible risks and ethical concerns.

That is why it is important to follow the established guidelines and regulations for AI-generated content, especially if you want to use it for academic purposes.

What Helps to Detect AI-Generated Content?

If you use AI for content generation, you need to check if it is detectable by the filters to avoid possible academic problems. AI detection tools have recently appeared to help writers. You can use many of them for free.

These instruments use several techniques and strategies to identify AI-generated content. Teachers and professors plan to use such instruments. These techniques relate to the following:

  • forensic analysis - digital forensic experts analyze file properties, metadata, and hidden information behind the content, looking for traces of editing tools, timestamps, compression artifacts, and other manipulations;
  • source verification - you can verify the content on your own because if it comes from a highly reputable and trustworthy source, it is less likely to be AI-generated. Still, this method is not a magic solution;
  • cross-referencing with authentic sources - the content is genuine if it aligns with other credible information from reliable sources;
  • inconsistencies and artifacts - this can be commonly applied to detecting visual or auditory inconsistencies, such as wrong lip-syncing in videos, unnaturally sounding speech in audio, or other subtle artifacts and unusual patterns;
  • deep-fake detection tools - this software is specifically developed for detecting AI-generated content, also using machine learning algorithms to spot patterns and characteristics found in generated content;
  • contextual analysis - misinformation or fake news detected in the content are always red flags for readers, detecting tools, and Google algorithms, so they should be properly concerned;
  • expert opinion - AI experts, digital forensics specialists, and content analysts can provide valuable insights;
  • reverse image or audio search - it helps to see whether the content appears somewhere else on the Internet or has already been flagged as synthetic media.

With the advancement of AI, the techniques to detect it develop, too, so you should stay informed about that.

Why Is Personalization Important for AI-Generated Content?

So, you can see now that AI-generated content should be personalized to make it more appropriate for your academic writing purposes. Let’s have a look at the main reasons why such content has to be humanized. Among these reasons:

  • matching your unique voice and tone - it will help the content blend with everything you have written before and make it more natural;
  • editing AI content to make it look organized - AI content may be repetitive, lacking context, and disorganized preventing it from being positively perceived by readers;
  • checking information (like percentages, statistics, and facts) so that generated paper has no mistakes - AI generators can make texts only based on the information that is available for them, and it might be incorrect;
  • making paper more conversational and personable .to keep the reader engaged

Therefore, personalized paper provides high-quality on all levels, improved relevance, clarity, personal style recognition and better chance of receiving high grade. Moreover, personalized paper can appeal to reader’s feelings and emotions since only you know your teacher’s quirks and can add some knowledge that proves that it was you who had written that essay.

Is It Possible to Make AI Writing Undetectable?

Adding the ‘human touch” to the content is beneficial for the audience. Getting rid of the fluff and adding some ideas generated on your own will help a lot. Here are the main principles helping to do that:

  1. Choose a high-quality AI writing tool - it will help you reduce the time for editing.
  2. Reread a generated paper. Be attentive to it in way your teacher is and highlight sentences you want to improve, broaden or remove.
  3. Avoid copy-pasting the AI-generated paper but rather treat it as a first draft that gives raw ideas and needs to be complemented.
  4. Come up with original ideas and new concepts to add human insight to the information available from the AI generator.
  5. Add some empathy and your personal voice and opinions to prevent the content from sounding robotic.
  6. Provide an AI tool with specific instructions on the goals, ideas, and the type of voice you want to use to get better results.
  7. Clean all repetitive content and avoid extra sentences that may not provide any information.
  8. Edit the generated content for your specific needs to make it more understandable.
  9. Always make your papers as unique as possible and use different writing tools as a helping hand not a substitution for your skills and knowledge.
creating natural content with AI

Remember that AI-generated paper may be considered deceptive and unethical. You may have serious consequences if you try to submit to teacher who knows your style and knowledge level.

That is why it is essential to use AI writing tools responsibly. Always verify the accuracy and reliability of this content. Fact-check the information in multiple sources if you have the slightest doubts. Be aware of the potential limitations of the technology not to misuse it and mislead others.

Using Human Writers to Make AI Content Undetectable

If you doubt your writing skills and knowledge but still want to get high-quality paper, use a paper writing service. A real-life author can improve the content professionally by replacing entire paragraphs or thorough editing. You will get entirely new high-quality content in a short time to submit to your professor.

Final Thoughts

Humanizing AI-generated essays is important for improving your academic progress, adding your work more value, and avoiding its getting banned or invisible by search engines.

Now that you know how to do it properly, you can try out all the techniques and tips suggested in our article. Start now, and the results will amaze you.

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